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Engagement Info

March 16, 2013
Tallahassee, Florida

Wedding Info

September 7, 2014
Golden Eagle
Tallahassee, Florida







Worcester, Massachusetts


Tallahassee, Florida




Hollie's Parents

Cheryl Harwood

Seth's Parents

Trish and Hank Bruch


Hollie Harwood and Seth Wagner

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Here's how we met

We met on Match.com, yes we know its unbelievable but true.

Here's how we got engaged

He proposed in front of Ruby Diamond Auditorium after the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra performed and I said yes.

Why we're excited about our wedding date

We are excited because we share a love so deep that we can not wait to share this special moment with all of our family and friends.

Our worst date

Our worst date was on Valentines Day. Our dinner reservation was at Harrys and they messed our reservation up which meant no dinner. We tried to go across town to another restaurant and got into a car wreck. To top everything off the movie tickets that were purchased were for the previous night. So we went home and ate waffles in bed. We laugh about it now but it was definitley the worst date night.

Our best date

Our best date was when he proposed because tried to act like nothing was up, but I felt the little box in his pocket.

Who's the better cook, and why?

We both are actually. We both bring something wonderful to the table.

Where our likes overlap ...

Our likes overlap on just about everything. We enjoy doing the same things like taking care of wildlife, our pets, our kids, and traveling.

... and where they don't.

He enjoys working on mechanical things.