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Wedding Info

October 27, 2012
Dorothy B. Oven Park
Tallahassee, FL

Bainbridge, GA


Member Service Representative


Bainbridge, GA


Diesel Mechanic/Foreman


Crystal's Parents

George and Charlene Adams

Robert's Parents

Thomas and Elizabeth Sekula

Crystal Adams and Robert Sekula

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Here's how we met

I met Robert when he walked into the Credit Union that I work at in 2007. After months of coming in and small talking with me he finally asked for my phone number. The first time I saw him I told a coworker, " I'm going to date that man one day!" Little did I know he told his friend the same day that he was going to ask me out one day. Three months later we went out on our first date!

Here's how we got engaged

My mom has been telling Robert and me that she needed a picture of us, so we descided to finally get some pictures done. We figured we would do family portraits since my dads friend was doing the pictures. Mr. Jerry Miller took us to a waterfall up above Blakely on Odom Creek. We were there taking family photos infront of this beautiful waterfall. Robert and I were taking pictures together, just the two of us. Little did I know he already told Jerry ahead of time that he had something big planned, and that he had already asked my parents for permission earlier that week. Next thing I know he pulled me to the side, got down on one knee, pulls out the most beautiful one carat solitaire dimond ring, and asked me if I would be his wife! Jerry captured the whole thing from beginning to end! I had no idea that was about to happen! I couldn't have picked a more romantic place or a more special way to have gotten engaged!

Why we're excited about our wedding date

Robert and I have been together for a little over 5 years. He did not want to wait any longer so we picked this Fall! We wanted an outside wedding so the timeing has to be right! Dorothy B. Oven Park is the perfect place for an outside wedding and it has a beautiful reception site!

Our worst date

To be honest I can't remember any date that was bad! I enjoy spending time with him even if its just sitting around watching tv.

Our best date

I can't pin point the best over all night, but there are a couple that really stand out. Many times he surprises me. He has had the vehicle packed and ready to go to the beach by the time I get home from work and say lets go to the beach! We have went to the mountains and stayed for a week cuddled up infront of a fire and having a snow ball fight, making snow angels, and trying to snow board!

Who's the better cook, and why?

I am by far the better cook! He thinks he is but I am by far! I love to bake cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, etc. I am an exellent griller. I make the most delicious steak. And down home country cooking is my specialty.

Where our likes overlap ...

We love anything out doors, fishing, hunting, and camping!

... and where they don't.

of course I am a shopper and Robert is not! He also likes war movies and things like that but I am more of a Romance or comedy!