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March 14, 2013
maclay park
Tallahassee, florida





Quintin's Parents

deborah henderson

Felisha's Parents

freddie mcgee

Quintin Henderson sr. and Felisha Herring

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Here's how we met

one day i was hanging out n her yard wit my bro n didnty speak to her n when she walked up to me and told me wha was on her mind bout me not speakin to her....the way she came at me jus turnd me on n made want to pursue her n knw everything i can bout her

Here's how we got engaged

no cuz we both felt it cumn jus didnt knw when n the time i was away from her made me understand it was her who i needed and wanted.......

Why we're excited about our wedding date

spring time

Who's the better cook, and why?

me. because i love to cook n try new things