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Engagement Info

June 29, 2014

Wedding Info

May 30, 2015
Family Home



Judicial Assistant




Law Enforcement


Lisa's Parents

Robert and LeeAnn

Jason's Parents

Mark and Patricia


Lisa Deal and Jason Gaston

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Here's how we met

I received a text from my cousin stating that I needed to meet this man, Jason. He described him as some one who likes to hunt, fish and drink beer. I said I don't like either, but will give it a shot. That night Jason called me on the phone and we hi it off right away. We talked a lot that night.

On May 22, 2012 was our first date. It was one of the best dates I ever had. He even cooked dinner just for me. Since that date we've never been apart.

Here's how we got engaged

Jason and I planned a kid free camping and boating trip. On June 29th we arrived at Ochlockonee State Park and set up camp that morning. We then got on our boat for a day of boating at Mash Sands to Alligator Point. It was a beautiful day.

We had a view hiccups during the day when unexpectedly we get too close to oyster bars, but all in all a good day on the water.

After the long day on the water we decided to head to Angelo's Seafood Restaurant for dinner. I was so tired that I didn't even want to wear makeup, but Jason was smiling ear to ear and said I looked beautiful.

The service and food at Angelo's was wonderful, however, the table next to us belong to a very loud couple that had to tell their whole life story to the waitress, but we just smiled at each other and went on with our evening.

After dinner Jason said "Let's go to the beach and walk around." I thought that was a perfect idea, as it was too hot to go back to the camp site yet. We drove to Mash Sands and got out to low tide. It was perfect. The was a little path the form in the middle of the water, so I walked down the middle of it with water surrounding us on either side with Jason following behind me. All of the sudden he asks me "Lisa Deal, will you marry me?" I turned around to him holding a ring box and a huge smile. I started to cry and said "yes!"

It was a perfect day and a perfect camping trip. We called all of our family and friends to celebrate. It is a day that I will never forget, ever.

Why we're excited about our wedding date

We chose the wedding date because of the season. It is no so hot and not cold. We also did not want to wait a long time to get married, but needed enough time to prepare for our big day.

Our worst date

I don't think that we've never had a worst date. We've had days, like all couples, where some minutes are better than others.

Our best date

Our best date would probably be the day that we met. We met at his house, because he was going to cook for me. We decided since I got there early that we were going to go to the park and walk around. We spent an hour at the park walking and talking.

He then took me back to his house and made the most perfect steak that I ever had. We even shared our first kiss on that date. It was perfect date with a bunch of laughs, talking, a couple of kisses and hugs. He even called me later that night to say good night.

Who's the better cook, and why?

There are actually 2 great cooks in our house. Jason is the best on the grill and I'm the best at the oven/stove. I'm really good at creating dinners from scratch and Jason is really good about picking the right spices for the meats for the grill and grilling to perfection.

Where our likes overlap ...

We both like the outdoors a lot. We like to go boating and fishing, when the weather permits. We both like to go to the gym, but mainly do activities with the kids outdoors.

... and where they don't.

Jason likes to hunt and me not so much... that is pretty much it.