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Engagement Info

May 11, 2014
pembroke pine,florida

Wedding Info


David's Parents

David and Doris Cook

Christin's Parents

Jimmy and Leeann Cash

David Cook and Christin McKenzie

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Here's how we met

David an I met September 3rd, 2011. I actually had posted an ad to a website an he responded, out of all the guys he was the most attractive an considerate. He asked me out to dinner at Outbacks, we were pretty opposite from one another.. guess that's why we hit it off! Everything was pretty quiet ,we were both so shy!

Here's how we got engaged

David recently moved back down to south florida where he was born an raised. We hadnt seen each other in a month an a half!! It was his birthday and mothers day weekend so his family an I made the 7 hour trip to see him. He had been acting pretty anxious all weekend so I knew something had to be up So, sunday night his 21st.
and also mothers day sitting around his whole entire family he got down on one knee with the most beautiful ,perfect silver diamond ring an said babe... will you marry me? I ALMOST DIED! Of course i said ..YES!

Why we're excited about our wedding date

We're waiting alittle while for our wedding, but id love to do a beach theme!

Our worst date

I'm sure all couples have that pretty awkward date, david an I sure did have our moments but I can't say that everything went wrong cause we always work it out!

Our best date

Our best date hands down would have to have been valentines day 2013. I went an had my hair an make up done, perfect outfit. He wound up working later than expected an we missed our reservations. And being Valentine's everywhere was pure slammed! So in our comfy clothes we got red lobster to go an went to lake ella an sat under the moon light! best date ever!!

Who's the better cook, and why?

Well, he definitely has no experience cooking an neither do I! Our first dinner, cooked by me...was totally burnt so I say were both pretty even as far as that goes

Where our likes overlap ...

We have a lot of things in common.. our personalities for one, we both strive to get a good laugh out of everything! We both enjoy music, our taste ranges from country all the way to hard rock! We're both pretty giving into what each other likes so we don't have a problem we pretty much enjoy everything!

... and where they don't.

We both have our differences he's into video games an computers an me on the other hand, can't even figure them out! As far as pesonal likes he's sorta the "Rocker dude" and I'm the "diva" HA!