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Engagement Info

November 15, 2013
Ochlocknee, ga

Wedding Info

June 28, 2014
Rose City Church of God
Thomasville, ga

Miami, Fl


Ochlocknee, Ga


State of Ga Dept of Driving Services


Pavo, Ga


Ochlocknee, Ga


Woodhaven Industries in Cairo, Ga


Christina Linda 's Parents

Jose Suarez of Miami, Fl and Linda Folsom of Ochlocknee, Ga

Willis's Parents

Perry and Linda Willis

walmarts fine jewlers

Christina Linda Suarez and Willis Elbert Samuel (Sammy)

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Here's how we met

Sammy and I met Aug11, 2013 thru facebook. My oldest son set me up a page so I could talk to friends and meet friends since I have such a busy work schedule. He friended me and we talked for a lilltle than I asked him if he wanted to meet for lunch. We did and talked for hours finding out we had alot in common. Gradually we hit it off ond onething led to another we have not been seperated since.

Here's how we got engaged

I picked my own ring after he asked me and he gave it to me for mothers day as my present, but had asked me the week before Thanksgiving if I would marry him. My mom had a stroke the day before Thanksgiving so we put off telling our family until she got out of the hospital. He asked me with tears in his eyes in the livingroon on the recliner, I cried alot and than went to my children told them to make sure they did not have a problem with it they were very happy for me and then told my family . Everyone else when we finanally got my mom out of the hospital got told via facebook.

Why we're excited about our wedding date

We picked this date of June 28, 2014 because the company he works for closes the week of July 4th and he and I would be able to get off with pay otherwise we would wait til Christmas but then be broke for buying presents for the families and since my family is long distance it made it financially hectic for them during the holiday season so we decided to just do it in June and take the 4th of July week off and get married so the kids could also join in the special occasion with us and all the family and friends could be together.